By Guest Contributor Willa Frej Mes Aynak, A Buddhist Afghan heritage site 25 miles southeast of Kabul, is a world-class archaeological treasure poised for destruction by the Chinese, with the help of the Americans. What in the world is going on? Ironically, the demolition of this irreplaceable landmark is slated to permit the influx of new [...]


By Jemima Peppel-Srebrny of The Oxonian Globalist.    The cautious revival of micro health insurance is good news for the poor in Bangladesh A big fly, buzzing and circling around her head, settles in the corner of her eye. Another, right next to her mouth. No one seems to care, or have the energy to shoo [...]


Written By Geoffrey Levin via the Atlantic Community To foster both regional stability and a positive working relationship with the young generation that initiated the Arab Spring, NATO should establish a program that trains young Arabs who desire to work in the security and public sectors. Such a program could set the groundwork for greater cooperation. No one [...]