En México, la Ley General de Profesión marca que es obligatorio que cada alumno realice el servicio social comunitario a partir de la educación media superior como requisito de graduación. Sin embargo, a pesar de la necesidad evidente de una toma de acciones concretas enfocadas al ámbito social, en nuestro país y en Latinoamérica en general existe el peligro latente de la violación de la integridad de los estudiantes y voluntarios que se dedican... Read More

Then Came Milton…

BY DIANA ARMSTRONG from the Mexico City Globalist International Women’s Day is on March 8th. In my school, every celebration is a big deal. But not all is beautiful and good, which brings me to our present situation. As March 8th approached, the Committee who is in charge of these events made a huge mistake. It all started with a pretty good idea: They decided that in anticipation of March 8th, they would start pasting quotes on the walls to... Read More

The Fall of the Great Firewall

Alice Xu investigates the implications of the politically motivated standardisation of language and attempts at censorship of the internet in China. By ALICE XU from The Oxonian Globalist Protests in San Francisco. Photo by T. Hawk The day that President Barack Obama was inaugurated marked a turning point in the movement towards change. Even my grandfather, who closely followed Obama’s progress in the elections from China, was excited to the point... Read More

Slumming It

Holly Young questions the ethical, economic and educational value of poverty tourism. By HOLLY YOUNG from The Oxonian Globalist Southern Quito, Ecuador. Photo by Jemima Peppel-Srebrny It would come as a surprise should anyone reading this not know of someone with tales of ‘slumming it’. Our generation crystallises the death of the package holiday tourist and the birth of the postmodern ‘traveller’: holidays are now ‘travels’ and escapism... Read More