Three Years On

  By Adnan Rafiq from The Oxonian Globalist Illustration by Sam Pilgrim For many Pakistanis, watching the uprisings in the Middle East creates a sense of déjà vu. Only three years ago Pakistanis rebelled against their own government to finally depose General Musharraf, another self-proclaimed leader who considered himself indispensible. Sadly, the world did not pay much attention. Over the past few months, however, the international community... Read More

The Arab Spring: The West’s Chance for a Fresh Start

  Memo Aggregated from Focusing on societal engagement, economic reform, and military confidence building, we should break with our questionable past and respond to the Arab uprisings by taking bold action to improve our reputation. The uprisings in the Arab world have attracted support and sympathy from citizens in the West (Varin), and these revolutions are an opportunity to embrace our values by supporting the uprisings... Read More